After sales service

Warranty: 2 years warranty (excluding wearing parts and improper use).

Please note that our products are intended for domestic use only.

In the event of technical problems, please first contact the after-sales service of your retailer.

For a period of two years from delivery, we are responsible for ensuring that the product purchased from us functions in accordance with the product description when used in accordance with the instructions for use, regardless of normal wear and tear, for which we are not responsible for. Liability for defects includes free replacement of all defective parts for the purpose of restoring the functionality of the product or, at our option, replacement of the entire product if we assume that it cannot be repaired by replacement parts .

We are not responsible for the use of the fitness equipment contrary to the operating instructions and instructions in the illustrative material. We are not responsible for use by persons in an inadequate state of health, as users are responsible for determining and establishing their state of health. The purchased fitness device should only be used after reading the instructions for use in full and under the full responsibility of the user, and the fitness device should only be used in strict compliance with the rules of security.

If the problem encountered is linked to misuse or linked to a misunderstanding, the intervention will not be carried out under warranty and will be billed to the user. The warranty also does not cover incorrect application of the troubleshooting procedures indicated in the user manual as well as misunderstanding of the iFit application.

Our support takes place in several stages:

  1. Announcement of cases with proof of guarantee and detailed explanation on the online form, at the address:
  2. Troubleshooting by telephone and/or e-mail by our technical center
  3. On-site troubleshooting by a technician if necessary

Please note the general conditions of our after-sales service.

1. The owner is responsible for ensuring that all users are properly informed of all warnings and precautions.

2. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program. This is especially important for people over 35 and those with health problems.

3. The device is not intended for use by persons with motor, sensory or mental disabilities, or who lack experience and knowledge, unless they are supervised or instructed in the use of the device. the device by a person responsible for their safety.

4. Use the device only as described in the manual.

5. The device is intended for private use only. Do not use the device in a commercial, rental or institutional setting.

6. Keep the device indoors, away from moisture and dust. Do not place the appliance in a garage, covered patio, or near water.

7. Place the device on a flat surface with at least 8 feet of space behind it and 2 feet on each side. Do not place the device on a surface that could block the air vents. To protect your floor or carpet, place a rug under the appliance.

8. Do not operate the device in a room where aerosol products are used and oxygen is administered.

9. Always keep children under 16 years of age and pets away from the appliance.

10. The device must not be used by people whose weight exceeds the weight indicated in the manual.

11. Never leave more than one person on the appliance at a time.

12. Wear appropriate sports clothing when using the device. Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught in the device. Supportive sportswear is recommended for both men and women. Always wear sports shoes. Never use the device with bare feet, socks or sandals.

13. Plug the power cord into a grounded circuit. No other device should be plugged into the same circuit.

14. If an extension cord must be used, only use a three-core 2mm2 extension cord with a maximum length of 1.5m.

15. Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces.

16. Never operate the appliance when it is switched off. Do not use the appliance if the power cord and/or plug are damaged, or if the appliance is not operating properly. (Refer to the MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING section of your manual if the unit is not operating properly).

17. Read, understand and test the emergency stop procedure before using the device. Refer to the HOW TO TURN ON THE DEVICE section.

18. The heart rate monitor is not a medical device. Various factors such as user movement can make the heart rate reading less accurate. The heart rate sensor is designed only to provide an approximate idea of ​​heart rate fluctuations during exercise.

19. Never leave the appliance unattended when it is switched on. Always remove the key from the console, turn the power switch to the Off position, and unplug the power cord when the device is not in use.

20. Do not insert any object into the openings of the device.

21. Check and properly tighten all parts each time you use the appliance.

22. DANGER: Always unplug the power cord immediately after use, before cleaning the appliance and before performing maintenance and adjustment procedures described in the manual. Never remove the engine cover unless instructed to do so by an authorized technician. Only an authorized technician can make adjustments that are not described in the manual.

23. Excessive exercise can lead to serious injury or death. If you feel dizzy or pain, or have trouble breathing, stop exercising immediately and calm down.

We would like to draw your attention to the prices of our interventions to guarantee total transparency and avoid any confusion. Please note the following:

- Travel: CHF200
- Labor: CHF150/h (with a minimum of 1 hour billed)
- Price of spare parts

Please note that the following items are not included in the warranty coverage and that the above-mentioned rates will be applied:

- Any unsuitable location, such as garage, patio, balcony or terrace.
- Improper use of the equipment, resulting in damage or breakdown.
- Failure to follow the maintenance procedures described in the user manual.
- Replacement of regular wear parts, such as belts, bearings, running belts, etc.
- Problems related to the use of the IFIT system.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and other situations could also result in additional charges, in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned in the user manual. We would like to point out that these conditions apply tacitly during each intervention that we carry out. We are committed to providing quality service and resolving any issues encountered, while ensuring full transparency regarding our pricing.

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